What vehicle types are available for rental?

We offer the stretch Lincoln Town car. Our classy limousine seats 8 passengers and features wrap around seating. It offers premium comfort, personal bar, great lighting, tv's and radio.

When are payments due?

Reservations require 1/2 of the total amount of the booking with the balance due 15 days before the date of your booking. The reservation is non- refundable in the event of any cancellations. However, we will work with you to reschedule your booking 5 days before you cancel (depends of availability of dates) if a date is available you will not forfeit your reservation. **Please note this consideration will only be granted once**** We do ask for an itinerary as some locations require us to make reservations for your arrival.

What is included in the rental of the limousine?

Complimentary bottle of champagne/wine, non-alcoholic beverages, glassware, napkins and light snacks.

Do I have to tip the driver, if so how much?

Yes. Your driver is in the service industry just like a waiter, but assumes a much larger responsibility. The standard gratuity is %20 of the total fare. If you feel your driver performed in an exceptional manner, please feel free to tip more.

When do the rental charges start?

The rental charges start at the first designated pickup time location within the Columbia area. Additional fee maybe added for other areas.

When does the rental charges end?

The rental charges end at the last designated drop off location.

Do I have to pay for the time I am away from the limousine: eating dinner, prom, concert etc.?

Yes. The reason is because this would still represent your rental time even though you are not physically in the the limousine. You are charged for the hours during that time since the limousine cannot be used elsewhere.